Download the Patient's Guide
Learn How To Avoid Costly Mistakes, 
Choose The Right Practice, 
And Experience Vibrant Health
Learn How To Avoid Costly mistakes, 
choose the right practice, and experience vibrant health
A Patient's Guide To Choosing 
A Functional Medicine Practice
A Patient's Guide to choosing 
a functional medicine practice
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About Sachin Patel
I’m Sachin Patel, founder of the Living Proof Institute. 

I've taught thousands of functional medicine professionals how to build, grow, and scale successful practices that are based on love and compassion. 

It's my mission to upgrade healthcare by helping patients partner with practitioners that can help them get amazing results. That's exactly why I prepared this Patient's Guide

I want you to find the right person to meet your goals and help you experience amazing health!

Sachin Patel 
Founder, Living Proof Institute

Save Time, Money, and 
Avoid Frustration
Your Patient's Guide is a 
Step-By-Step Strategy for Showing You...
  • ​The 5 biggest functional medicine myths
  • ​How to spot 3 functional medicine practice red flags
  • ​Which approach to functional medicine works best
  • ​6 COSTLY misconceptions when choosing a functional medicine practitioner
  • ​5 Mistakes to avoid when choosing a functional medicine practice
  • ​Why you deserve abundant health
  • ​The 4 Steps to better energy, health and vitality
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